CEEDCV in Aldaia

On Wednesday May 23rd, 2018, our Institution (CEEDCV) and more specifically our three volunteers together with Elena Ortiz and Rafa Olmos participated at the event ¨Laboratorios de Humanidad, taller de voluntariado¨. The event promoted the Erasmus + projects and mainly the volunteering projects and took place at IES Salvador Gadea, in Aldaia.

During the event presentations of various projects were analysed. One of the main ones was the excelent presentation of the EVS project, which CEEDCV implements the last 4 years, from Elena and Rafa. The closing of the event focused on the experiences of 6 volunteers from Egypt, Spain, Hungary, Turkey and Greece who shared their experiences. The volunteers had participated (or they actually participate) on different projects with different objectives, they had faced distinct and multiple obstacles and circumstances but finally everyone evaluated positively the overall experience.33382242_2163695053647700_9197768182025158656_n

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