Training programme in Puerto de Sagunto

The new initiative of European Solidarity Corps

On 13 December, CEEDCV took part in a training programme for the technical staff of IVAJ (personal tècnic de joventut de l’IVAJ) held in Puerto de Sagunto by Pepe Moreno, technician of the General Direction of Youth and Sports of Castilla-La Mancha.The objective of this program was to provide youth technicians with a set of knowledge and techniques that will allow them to better and more effectively develop their daily work.

The main presentation addressed to the new Erasmus+ project called European Solidarity Corps (ESC). The European Solidarity Corps is a new initiative of the European Union whose objective is to create opportunities for young people to carry out voluntary activities, professional and employment practices, as well as to develop initiatives with activities which promote solidarity.

Activities must be included in projects -in their countries or abroad- that benefit communities and people from all over Europe.

The presentation started with the Volunteer projects (incorporates old EVS) and the new elements that had been added comparing them with the previous initiative of European Voluntary Service (EVS). Then, the new opportunities of Internships and Employment briefly explained. These process is still young and so no much information about their effectivenes and functionality has been proved. Later on, the possibility of the implementation of Solidarity Projects has been explained. The benefits, the duration, the fianncial aid that young people can receive is different depending on their dreams/projects. Of course the monitor explained in detail the roles and responsibilities that each party involved has and he reffered to some practical aspects.

There was a big interest in what has been done so far from the participants/institutions/city halls and the presense of two current volunteers also helped the discussion. Many experiences, difficulties and doubts has been expressed and solved. The whole training has a great success and it was really educative and contibutive to the sorting out of some dark points of the programme.

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