My name is Mojca and I come from a little village called Dob that lies in a little country called Slovenia. It has been almost ten months since we came to Valencia as volunteers to spend a whole year in the sunny city of Valencia. And one of my assignments here is writing the blog you are currently reading – a volunteer’s blog about living in Valencia.

Now – a few words about me.

First thing – I’m a language enthusiast. I love learning new languages and discovering new words and their meanings – whether they are in Spanish, English, German or Czech or even in languages I know nothing about. And that’s also the reason why back home I decided to give the European Voluntary Service a try and go exploring before my time runs out and the EVS politely indicates that you are too old to help people :). Back home I was a Spanish teacher and working at CEED seemed like a perfect opportunity to improve my language, to get to know the culture better and also to grow as person.

Me every day

The second thing –  movies, TV series and books – a bit of sci-fi time traveling and astrophysics combined with vampires, wizards or zombies always make my day. Indeed! (yes – a Stargate reference)

The picture says it all!

The third thing: I love nature. Hiking or walking in the park is one of my favourite pastimes. And of course chasing pigeons (the white ones here are great! We don’t have them:)) and other birds as well as taking pictures with trees is a must!

And autumn in Valencia with me and the trees (unfortunately no birds at the precise moment) – this face indeed says it all!

The fourth and the last thing:  I have decided to make the best of my volunteering time here and to tell you how my life looks or at least share with you some thoughts or experiences.

So people, until next time!

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